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純素抹茶杯子蛋糕 Vegan Matcha Cupcake

matcha cupcake


冷壓有機粟米油 80g

有機椰子油 20g

有機椰漿 300g

水 20 ml

有機蜜糖 50g

有機抹茶粉 10g


杏仁粉 300g


1. 混合粟米油、椰子油、椰漿、水、蜜糖,攪拌均勻;
2. 再依次加入抹茶粉、有機酵母、杏仁粉,繼續攪拌至無顆粒,變成麵糊;
3. 將麵糊分別裝於蛋糕紙杯中,謹記:八分滿即可;
4. 將焗爐以200℃預熱後,把分裝好的紙杯放入,焗20分鐘後取出即完成。


Cold-pressed corn oil 80g

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil 20g

Organic coconut cream有機椰漿 300g

Water 20 ml

Organic honey有機蜜糖 50g

Organic matcha powder 10g

Organic yeast 3g

Almond powder 300g

1. Mix the corn oil, coconut oil,coconut cream, honey and water altogether, whisk them well.
2. Then add in matcha powder, yeast and almond powder, mix them until the mixture had no lumps.
3. Put the batter into small paper cups respectively. Only fill in 80% of the cup with batter.
4. Preheat the oven by 200℃ for 10mins. Put the cups with batter into oven to bake for 20mins. Then take them out and enjoy!

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