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純素羅漢果雪梨糖水 Vegan Monk Fruit Sweet Soup


雪梨 一個
羅漢果 一個


1. 梨洗淨後,去核切成小塊放入鍋內(不去皮);
2. 羅漢果洗淨,剝去外殼後切成小塊,放入鍋內;
3. 鍋內加入3-4碗(750-1000ml)冷水,蓋上煲蓋,以中火煮20-25分鐘即可,無需加糖。


Fresh Snow Pear 1pc
Monk fruit 1pc


1. Wash and clean the snow pear then cut it into small cubes. Put the cubes into a pot.
2. Wash the monk fruit and break the hard shell of it to take out the pulps. Put the pulps into the pot too.
3. Fill in 750- 1000 ml water to the pot, then close the lid. Cook the whole pot of dessert over medium heat for 20-25 mins. Enjoy the sweet soup directly with the naturally sweet flavor without adding sugar.

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